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Safety & Success Stories

Eliminate the need for explosives

Eliminate the need for explosives. Are you concerned about potential ground fires when trapping with rocket nets or cannons?

As most wildlife experts know, since September 11, 2001, compliance with the regulations applied to the use, transportation, and storage of explosives has become almost impossible.

Use the WCS NET BLASTERTM. You can elminate the need for explosives!

Our system includes several safety features to make wildlife capture a SAFER activity:

The trigger box is a weather-proof firing mechanism that includes an On/Off switch that is required to be activated before the FIRE button will function to help prevent accidental firing. A 12 volt battery and recharging cord are included and store in the box.

Trigger Box

Our trigger box has several safety features:

  1. An OFF/ON switch that must be actuated before FIRE button actuates
  2. Fire button is lighted to indicate that unit is HOT.
  3. A weather-resistant box to prevent degradation to electrical connections.

The slide gate is labeled clearly with SAFE and FIRE so that the operator always knows when the unit HOT.

Slide Gate

A slide gate that isolates air supply from firing tubes to prevent accidental firing.

The slide gate is labeled with decals that indicate when the unit is in SAFE or FIRE mode.

The pressure relief valve prevent the unit from being overfilled.

Pressure Relief Valve

A pressure relief valve is installed on the tank of every unit to prevent over-filling of tank.


Success Stories

New Air Cannon Net Launcher Eliminates Need for Explosives

Wildlife Services employees Dan McMurtry (WS Missouri) and John Cummings (WS NWRC) have partnered with Martin Engineering to design and develop a new air cannon net system for capturing wild birds. The new design eliminates the need for explosives and, instead, relies upon compressed air to launch 4 5-lb projectiles attached to a 40 x 60 ft net. In field evaluations, the new air cannon net system was effective at capturing over 90% of California gulls and red-winged blackbirds that were within 12-18 feet of the air cannon.

"It's exciting to be involved in the development of this new tool," notes John Cummings, Research Wildlife Biologist and bird specialist at NWRC. "The air cannon net system is capable of deploying varies net sizes by just adjusting the air pressure and will shoot a typical 40 x 60 ft heavy net further and faster than the current cannon net systems, but it doesn't require explosives knowledge, training or transport. The system is very mobile and easy to handle for 1 person."

Read more about the NWRC success story


Printable brochure of the MARTIN NET BLASTER
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Video of the WCS NET BLASTER capturing Wildlife
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Printable WCS NET BLASTER Operation Manual
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