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How much does the unit cost?
Contact us for a quote.

What kinds of animals can be caught with the WCS NET BLASTERTM?
Wild turkeys (all subspecies including silvestris), red-wing blackbirds, pigeons, gulls, ducks, geese, shore birds, white-tail deer, vultures, and many more species can be captured.

What size nets can be fired using the WCS NET BLASTERTM?
Standard size rocket and cannon nets up to 40' x 60' can be launched using the WCS NET BLASTERTM. 40' x 60' deer nets have been fired successfully using this system.

How many shots can the WCS NET BLASTERTM make with one tank of air?
Each shot uses all of the air in the tank.

What is the range of the unit?
Because the unit is designed to propel the net directly in front of the unit, the range is really the dimension of your net.

How much does the unit weigh?
The unit weighs about 180 lbs.

WCS Net Blaster

Printable brochure of the WCS NET BLASTER
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Video of the WCS NET BLASTER capturing wildlife
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